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Im so angry he or she used my image llook  original   Elf and dino by annemaria48   and the fake one <da:thumb id="605029737"/>  

I report today pfew how rude and no feelings 
Do not use my work under any circumstances without my permission! My work does not belong to the public domain. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any form without my permission ! And I dont allow any kind of letters, tags or tubes making of my artwork. For other questions, please contact me!
Hi all here,

I have made new FB site for my Artworks.…  So i put all the credits from the pictures DA and send u a note .

Hope u liked it.

Thanks u very much for the beautiful stocks and working on it  for the best results 

Regards annemaria 
HI all ,

Sorry for my bad englisch i am very shocked about a contest from Contest Promotion 2014   kuschelirmel-stock.deviantart.…   Sometimes somebody can makes a fault 
and never wanna hurt people so bad. I thought all the stocks where illegal but sometimes not. So i have some hints  from Wesley Soza to get the good stocks .  I try hard to work on my manipulations and sometimes i still have a illegal stock on my picture. :(( And some people hurts me with that so it feels like im the guilty one. Deviant art has to be to forbidden the illegal stocks from here. So that other people can hurt me anymore :(((((

But its oke im not gonna sick of it. Dont worried be happy in my mind 

I am responsble of it but sometime it cant be for 100 save 

Thats my story for today 

Be happy and dont hurt each other 
Hi  all

The best wishes to all :)

I found a very good youtube link about the Change the color in dresses in one layer so thats quickly 

Hope u like it